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What do you Want

What do you want? The voice

whispers so silkily, so seductively

in my ear. What do I want? I want

you to quiet this buzzing in my brain.

I want you to slow me down. Force

me to listen, to focus. To wait. Make me

learn patience. Make me feel the

trembling apprehension, the quivering

excitement. I want you to lead me,

a step at a time, down the winding road

of trust. Let the silent padding of my

bare feet follow behind you until you

could loose the rope and I’d keep

walking. And then, when we’re there,

I want you to witness my vulnerability,

see me for who I really am. Stroke the

threads that make up the secret core

of me. Pluck them, and make them

chime. Torment me, degrade me,

show me how I can please you. Let

me crawl for you; crawl to you. Let

me stare into your eyes and see

cruelty and compassion, mercy and

ruthlessness. Hard edges and soft

warmth. Hands to mold me and a mind

to twist me up and leave me pliant.

Obsequious. Submissive. That’s what

I want.

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