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Potential for Disappointment

Temptation. A lure dangled softly

In the water. Over here little sub,

Come bite and let me reel you in.

I’m everything you’re looking for.

Dom. Sadist. Rigger. Sapio. Daddy.

All the words that whisper to your

core. Let me dazzle you, leave you

breathless with excitement. Mind

racing with all the possibilities that

might be. Bound tight. Toyed with.

Played with. Forced to take what I

Have to give. It’s a tidal wave of

potential. Get drunk on it, let it

swallow you whole. Drown in it.

but then the wave passes, the power

of the water passes on. And you’re

left floating, face down, in the muddy

puddles of your shattered dreams.

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