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If you Give a Brat a Cookie

If you give a brat a cookie,

she’s going to leave crumbs. Because

she knows, you’re going to put her over

your knee, and spank her. Then she’s going

to have to get on *her* knees and say

sorry. While she’s there, she’ll probably

ask to suck your cock. And then she’s going

to nibble, just a little more than you like.

Because then you’ll bring out the paddle,

and she’ll have to stand, hands against the wall,

back straight, ass out, legs muscles taught in

high heels. After you’ve cropped her, she’s

probably going to be a good girl and crawl

to you. Ask you to fuck her. Hard. Nasty.

Then while you’re fucking her, she’s probably

going to pant out, “Yes. More. Thank you, Sir.

Just like that. Good boy.” Because she wants

your handprint on her ass again. Your hand

round her throat. Your grip in her hair

pulling her head back until her back arches

and the strained position makes her wince.

And then you’ll rail her. She’ll plead and cry

out and whimper, but she’ll keep her cunt

presented to you so you can give it to her

just the way you want to. Just the way she

wants you to. And after you fuck her, as she’s

lying on the bed, feeling the damp sheets

beneath her and the burning sting on her

ass, in her cunt, she’s probably going

to ask for a cookie.

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