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Blindfold Me

Blindfold me. Take away my sight

and leave me in the dark. Watch the tension

seep from my shoulders, the hitch drift

from my breath. Watch me soften, yield

to you. Now bend me, shape me. Place me

how you will and I’ll wait, breathless and pliant.

Ready and excited. There is no fear in the dark,

No worries over how I look, how you see me.

The world – the room, the space between us,

the air – stops being so wide. So open and so big.

It becomes here and now. It’s not out there,

it’s in me. My mind slides into my body and

I exist. The tightness of bonds around my wrists,

the stretch of my calves in high heels. The arch

of my back as I present my ass to you, my cunt.

The heat of your hand on my flesh, the piercing

thrust of your cock. In this moment, I am not

my flaws, I am feeling. I am truth.

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