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Book no.1


Killed in a traffic collision, the last thing Lana expected was to wake up under the gaze of two very confused aliens. They were waiting for tribute for the upcoming challenges; instead they got her. She’s thrown into the line-up, but when the Warriors have chosen their females, she’s left unpicked. She knows why: the females have stars on their cheeks revealing their blood purity. She’s unmarked, and in this world it means her blood is weak, useless.

Then a Warrior, Vall Ridian, charges in late. He’s unimpressed to be left with a starless female, but it takes only sip of Lana’s blood for him to realise the truth. Her blood is the strongest he’s ever tasted. A pure-blood Triniun female – something not seen on the planet for a century – is marked with five stars. Lana is given seven.


Lana is the key to unlocking the Warriors most sacred –most sorely lost – treasure. With her, they will be able to transform into fully fledged dragons.  It’s an incredible gift, but also a dangerous one, as Vall and the pack discover when Lana is stolen from them. They’ll have to fight to get her back, and then to win her heart.

His Curious Mate.jpg


So, do you like to be spanked, baby? Tied up? Do you want to get down on your knees and take my cock all the way down your throat like a good whore?

Anna is not living her best life. Mid-thirties, divorced, with a job that doesn’t exactly inspire her and zero sex life, she’s starting to regret making so many sensible choices. Logging onto a BDSM forum, she meets Alpha1980. He’s everything her past lovers weren’t, and within minutes he’s got her confessing her deepest, filthiest fantasies.

When he suggests they meet, fulfil the fantasies in reality, Anna almost baulks. This isn’t safe and it isn’t sensible, but she also feels alive for the first time in forever, and she’s desperate to know if the pleasure and desire she’s read about in all those books really does exist.

His Cautious Mate.jpg


When Bea is awoken by a loud crash in the middle of the night, she thinks it’s hoodlums partying in the street again. She is not expecting to find a bloodied and battered man sprawled out on her garden chaise-longue. She can’t very well leave him there, and he refuses to let her call him an ambulance, so she drags him up to her spare room. He can sleep it off, then get out. Only, Bea is never going to be able to sleep with a large, strange man free to roam her house…


When Gregor wakes up tied to a bed, he’s surprised his wolf isn’t going crazy. Granted, the ropes tying him to the bed are so pitiful he could snap them with one half-hearted muscle flex, but still… When a woman comes bustling in with a tray of breakfast in her hands, he understands why. Mate. She skittish, though, looks ready to run from him at the slightest thing. That’s okay, he can take it slow. Woo her. After all, she’s got him all tied up, it’s not like he’s going anywhere.

His Capricious Mate.jpg


Cat used to live a fast-paced life as a cop, but now she’s enjoying life in the slow lane as an artist with her own gallery. When someone breaks in in the middle of the night, her training kicks in and she apprehends the thief. He starts to babble nonsense about sunlight and jail, and she thinks he’s crazy until his master pops into existence right in the middle of her gallery floor.

Most days Tobias Hunter regrets turning Kevin into a vampire, but not this one. When a brash woman rudely summons him to collect the hapless idiot, he’s intrigued. No one speaks to him like that. No one. Wanting to spend more time with her—time where she’s writhing in ecstasy in his private dungeon—he offers her a job: find the priceless relic Kevin has lost and bring it to him.

Cat’s not a private investigator, and she has no desire to go back to chasing down bad guys, but keeping a gallery running is not cheap, and Tobias is offering a paycheck big enough to keep her afloat for a big, long while. And if she finds his stupid ring, she gets to see him again. And that, she really does desire.



Daisy is a witch with a problem—and it isn’t that her idiot of a mother named her Daisy. The master of the local vampire seethe—the one who recently kidnapped her!—wants her to come and do a job for him. She doesn’t know what the job is, and she doesn’t care. She is not working for the vamps again. Looking to protect herself, she summons Orphon, a demon she’s worked with before, hoping his hulking presence will keep the seethe from her door. Only it isn’t Orphon who comes through the portal…

Abigor, warrior demon and Grand Duke of Hell, didn’t have popping into a witch’s basement on his list of things to do this evening, but now that he’s here, he’s curious. Not about the master vampire or the goons he’s left to lurk outside, but the curvaceous, nervous little witch who had the audacity to summon him to for guard dog duty. He strikes a bargain with her: his protection for her pleasure. He’ll stay and deal with the vampire threat if she’ll let him show her exactly what sensual delights a demon is capable of.

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